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Case of no oil-water lubrication air compressor in Jiaotong University
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The oil-free lubricating air compressor purchased by our Jiaotong University is provided and installed by Ruizhe machinery. The structure is reasonable and has ideal force balance. The main characteristics of single screw compressor are caused by the symmetrical structure of a star wheel on both sides of the screw. Water instead of oil, to achieve four advantages of lubrication, cooling, sealing and noise reduction, to provide excellent oil-free air, pollution-free, discharge water without special treatment, in line with environmental requirements. In addition, the balance of the single screw compressor force is good, so the vibration is small, and there is no special requirement for the foundation. In particular, the star wheel material is made of special customized polymer composite material, the working chamber is sprayed with lubricating water, and there is no speed increasing gear, so the operation noise is low.

The main products of Shanghai Ruizhe Machinery Co., Ltd. are oil-free scroll air compressor, oil-free piston air compressor, oil-free lubrication air compressor, oil-free dry screw air compressor, oil-free centrifugal air compressor and other products, which are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Asia and other countries and regions. It is our mission to let everyone use oil-free and clean compressed air.