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VW oil free air compressor case
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As a car brand, we Volkswagen in the choice of oil-free air compressor brand is very rigorous. Not only through field investigation, but also through data analysis. This is why Ruizhe machinery has always been competent to become our partner. Ruizhe machinery cooperates with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University and other universities to develop oil-free air compressor, and has obtained a number of technical patents and various third-party certifications. Runningway Ruizhe oil-free air compressor selects brand components to ensure the stable performance of oil-free compressed air system from the source. And also give oil-water separation filter, deep filter impurities, air cleaner, no need for lubricating oil, avoid the trouble of refueling maintenance.

Shanghai Ruizhe Machinery Co., Ltd. is an oil-free air compressor technology research and development, production and manufacturing, sales service as one of the oil-free compressed air system solution provider. Ruizhe machinery has established long-term strategic cooperation with Ingersoll Rand, a hundred year old brand in the United States. With the technical support of the original plants in Europe and the United States, Ruizhe machinery can provide customers with accurate technology.

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